Steve Case: Luxury Travel Agent

The rich are getting richer…this is something we read about more and more. And for those of us with modest incomes who just want to have a normal life and do a bit of travel when possible, it’s getting harder and harder to ignore the super-rich and their luxury-addled globe gallivanting stories…not to mention those who cater to them.

To wit: one Steve Case formerly of, who has started a travel club for the uber-wealthy that requires members to pony up $200,000 or more to access a $750 million portfolio of vacation properties throughout North America, the Caribbean and Europe. That’s more than most of us will pay for travel in a lifetime. But this being the Roaring Noughts (I just made that up), there appear to be lots of interested folks with the moolah to spare.

To wit: last Wednesday, the club, called Exclusive Resorts, announce that it added its 2,000th member, which makes it by far the largest company in the fledgling destination club industry. The rich ARE different. They have money.