Best Parisian Baguettes

One of the more amusing sights of Paris is the numerous locals making their way through the city with a baguette sticking out of their bags. I’m not sure why I always found this funny, perhaps because that long loaf of bread always seemed so out of place amongst the fashionable Parisians.

The baguette is literally an accessory in Paris; one hardly leaves the house without one. Unlike the latest pairs of shoes or stylish hat, however, the fashionable baguette is eventually intended to be consumed–and the sooner this happens, the better.

When a tourist takes a bite of a baguette for the first time, he quickly understands why this simple loaf of bread has such a magical appeal.

Finding the perfect, flaky masterpiece amongst the hundreds of boulangeries which populate the streets of Paris, however, is a truly Herculean task. Thankfully, the fine folks at Budget Travel have done the homework for us and have come up with a list of the city’s five best boulangeries in which to find the perfect baguette. Make sure to visit at least one on your next trip, pick up a golden loaf, and then parade it about for a few hours like the locals do before devouring it with a bit of cheese and wine.