Maps of the World

There’s one thing about a lot of guidebooks that sticks in my craw: lousy maps. Here these books are so often chock full of the most important, useful information on a location, and yet the maps are crap. Useless.

Well, before several trips I’ve taken, I’ve dropped by my local AAA and as a member have been able to get my hands on varied maps from destinations far off and exotic, especially more so than you’d expect from a AAA. I also venture occasionally to the local Haagstrom Map store near my work to pick up a foldable map for a place – for example Newfoundland – where I am traveling. I’ll likely do this for my upcoming trip to Baja.

But today I also stumbled across a nice resource online called Just Maps. I checked out several of these maps, organized by continent and then country, and they are not bad at all. Far better than you find in most places. There are usually several different maps to chose from and all are printable. A nice little resource you’ve probably never heard of before.