SkyMaul – Damn!

Have you ever had one of those experiences where you think you have come up with a great idea and not soon after you see the EXACT idea someplace else? That is what just happened to me. On my flight back from Chicago last Sunday, I was thumbing through the Sky Mall catalog that had been stuffed into the front seat pocket and I thought to myself: Self, why don’t you do a parody of the Sky Mall catalog. You could come up with hilarious fake gift and gadget ideas that would make people laugh so hard milk would come out of their noses (and perhaps other orifi). It would be great, it would make millions!

Well, after having this revelation, I jotted some ideas down, like the combination coffee maker/shower head so that you could dispense a steaming espresso as you’re getting ready for work. I came up with a whole list of these ideas and was readying my pitch, confident that a small publisher would take it on. Then, just a moment ago, I came across this site dedicated to a new book called (sigh. sniffle) Sky Maul, a book parody of, yes, Sky Mall products. I am soooo bummed. Well, good for them. The book is even more outrageous than I was imagining with featured products like the “cow charger” and the “llama-cycle”. I guess it just goes to show there are no new ideas. Now I gotta come up with something else to make my millions.