Virgin’s 101 Things to Do in London

London is a sprawling city whose bustle and thrum can sometimes be overwhelming to the uninitiated. You step off the plane in Heathrow and throw yourself into its maw, and without some guide to help you navigate the winding, car-infested streets, you can quickly get yourself lost…which might not be so bad, truth be told. But let’s say you don’t want to get lost and you are looking for a quick and dirty list of the best things to do in the city. Well, you can always get your hands on a good guidebook, i.e. Lonely Planet’s guide to London. Or you can check out this list of the 100 things you MUST do in London. The list was compiled by the good folks at Virgin and while it contains lorry-loads of basic tourist stuff like visit Big Ben and see Notting Hill, there are also some more creative ideas like taking a lunch or dinner cruise and checking out Spitalfields.

Altogether, it’s a decent little list and face it, 100 Things is a lot of, well, things. So you can pretty much bet that you’ll never get through all of them, but trying to do so would be half the fun.