Qatar Adventures in GoNomad

Qatar entices me because of its name. That is all. I’ve read a little something-something here and there about the place and even chit-chatted with some of the country’s natives in the past, but they didn’t sway me so much to want to go. If I ever venture out it will be because of the name, but what’s in a name anyway? Robert Davis details his desert adventure in Qatar in a recent issue of GoNomad and with his tale I’m opening my eyes to what Qatar really is – at least through the eyes of Robert Davis. In his story he goes across the Arabian Desert to the Inland Sea on a day excursion with Gulf Adventure Tours. Along the way he encounters the uneasy feeling of driving down desert terrain, camels at high-speed and the blue of the sea over the ledge. Additionally he discusses snake chases and eating freshly cooked lamb meat off the spit fire for their desert dinner. Very nice read and summary of a day-trip spent in Qatar if you too are looking into exploring for more reasons than the name.