Word for the Travel Wise (12/02/06)

At the time you read this post I’ll probably be out and about around NYC with a friend enjoying my Saturday night as one should on the weekend. I haven’t much else to add so without delay here is your word for the day.

Today’s word is a Korean word used in Korea:

shigan – time

For more vocab words found on the menu check out Korea infogate. Several more words in the Korean alphabet with excellent pronunciation guides can be found at Mr. Oh’s Learn Korean website. It’s a fun place to start to learn the basics. KBS World Radio has a three part, 30 chapter online learning guide all for free. I can’t get the Hangul text to show up, but they’ve got sound clips of all the sample conversations available. Learn Korean dot net has most of the aforementioned along with a forum to meet other speakers both fluent natives and beginners. For a list of Korean language programs in the country click here.

Past Korean words: shik-sah, sollongtang, yuh heng, mollah yo, hullyunghan, chuhwangsaege