Find a Grave Tourism

We posted a few weeks ago about those who search out Hollywood graves during their vacations to Los Angeles. I found it a bit silly, as did many readers, but the reality is that most all of us have sought out the locations of various burial places while traveling. The difference, I suppose, is that travelers typically seek out the graves of historical figures rather than Lucille Ball or Marylyn Monroe.

For those tourists with death on their mind–be it celebrity or historical–I just recently came across the Holy Grail of web sites to help you in your morbid quest. locates burial sites by name (naturally), location, date of death, and even “Claim to Fame.” For example, if you want to do a grave tour of Organized Crime Figures, FindAGrave has a category for you.

More interested in your not-so-famous relatives?

This cool sight also lists 13 million grave records of rank-and-file deceased. It’s not complete by any means, but is a good place to start looking if that’s your thing.