Tips for Cheap Skiing

It’s that time of year when travel sections around the world turn to the white stuff. Yep, winter is upon us and so is ski season.

When I was younger I almost never skied because I simply didn’t have the money. Skiing is, after all, one of the more expensive sports one can take up. Now that I am older and have a bit more money, I still find the damn thing very expensive.

There are ways to cut corners, however, and every time I come across an article with tips for doing so, I anxiously cut it out and file it away.

The most recent effort to help me save money comes to us from The Telegraph. Skiing on a Shoestring offers a handful of great ways to ski cheaply, such as when to go (January), where to go (the underrated French Pyrénées), where to eat (self-catering), and when to book (early and late!). Some of the suggestions are common sense, but others I hadn’t thought of before. The article also lists a surprising number of cheap accommodations in Chamonix, France.

Now, all I have to do is fly myself over there.