World Map Quiz Game

For those who like testing their geography skills on a regular basis, try this World Map quiz from The goal is to place as many of the 20 countries given during each quiz countries on the very blank map within an allotted time. I’ll confess my score was horrible. (Here is where I try to justify why a travel blogger of all people did so badly on the quiz.) I’m blaming it on my eye sight for one. I knew the general area for all the places given during my own quiz, but couldn’t pick them fast enough. Some of them looked so tiny and I was afraid using the zoom in feature would suck up some of my time. For instance Croatia was one I missed along with Austria an numerous others. On the flipside I was able to place Rwanda, Chile, Dominican Republic, Estonia and Japan in the time allowed.

Thanks World Hum for bringing my attention to this and yes, I’m already addicted.