Tallinn Tunnels

We’ve posted a number of times here on Gadling about various tunnels and catacombs which wind their way under old cities throughout the Europe.

Thanks to an article in the Baltic Times, we have one more tunnel system to add to the list.

Buried deep below the town of Tallinn, Estonia, is a series of old tunnels which worm their way between the Swedish Bastion and the Ingeri Bastion–two ancient fortifications which used to protect the city.

The tunnels, constructed in the 16th and 17th centuries, have been neglected for many years, collecting debris and homeless people. Recently, however, the Tallinn City Council’s Heritage Protection Department, run by Boris Dubovik (above) has been refurbishing the tunnels and cleaning them up for a possible tourist attraction.

Joel Alas, writing for the Baltic Times, was granted a private tour by Dubovik and writes about his subterranean experience here.

The tunnels are not as impressive as those under Paris, for example, but may still be worth a peak. For the time being, however, they remain off limits and surprisingly well-alarmed to prevent urban explorers from sneaking in. Of course, that’s never stopped a good tunneler before…