Getting Out of Quicksand

There you are, crossing the dunes in some desert landscape, perhaps in Utah or Africa, and you stop to ponder the beauty of the place. But suddenly, you realize something is amiss, the world is rising before your yes. No wait! You are sinking, that’s what’s happening. You are sinking in quicksand.

A possibility? Probably not quite like I describe it. That came from a scene in Blazing Saddles or some cartoon I saw as a kid. The fact is, I’ve never really seen quicksand before and am not quite sure I believe it even exists…at least not as something that can consume you and kill you.

That said, I am always eager to help gadling readers help themselves. To wit: here is a fine little how to, a save yourself treatise on getting out of quicksand, should you be so unfortunate as to find yourself sinking as described above. The lessons taught in this little wiki might seem rather obvious (lesson 1: avoid quicksand. Ah, thank you, Dr. Einstein), but others are perhaps less so…for example Walk softly and carry a big stick, the idea being that you will test the ground in places where you believe there might be quicksand. Yeah, OK, maybe that’s pretty obvious too. Maybe the best idea is just to stay safe indoors.

Naw, me neither.