Culture in Sydney

Sydney, Australia is probably best known for its lovely beaches, hilly parks and, the glittering harbor. But the fact is, Sydney is a city rich in culture and history. Everyone is familiar, of course, with the shell-shaped Opera House. It serves as both a beacon to shuterbug tourists, but also serves as a locus of high-brow music and events. But more than that, for the visitor who just wants to wander all over, there are museums galore in Sydney, where you can experience a thriving art scene, and take in some science and history while there. A good place to start is the lovely Art Gallery of NSW, probably the best-known museum in Sydney. They are currently featuring an exhibit called Goddess: Divine Energy that takes a look at female expressions of divine female power (Barbra Striesand?). And there is also the Museum of Contemporary Art that is worth checking out. The Australian Centre for Photography is also a good place to check on after you’ev wated giga-pixels on the Opera House. And for natual hstory buffs, don’t miss the Australian Museum and the Historic Houses Trust of NSW.

Of course, you can also just sit on the beach and read a good book with a Fosters in your hand. Not a bad alternative either.