Virgin Galactic Showcases Space Flight Video

Wow. I can’t drum up enough superlatives to describe what I just watched.

As many of you know, maverick Richard Branson has begun selling $200,000 tickets for his Virgin Galactic flights into outer space. The first commercial liftoff is scheduled for 2009 and more than 100 wealthy tourists have already paid their deposit.

So what can one expect from this pricy journey?

The Virgin Galactic website has put together an amazing piece of animation documenting this adventure and man is it spectacular! I sat mesmerized at my computer staring at what the future has in store for us and practically drooling on my keyboard. Despite how absolutely goofy I’m going to look in those skintight, Lycra space suits, this slick piece of marketing has completely brainwashed me to fork out the $200,000 that I will have to beg or steal in the next three years.