Tailor-Made, High-End Travel

Money is a nice thing. When you have lots of it, you can call up a high-end vacation planner, tell them specially what you want, and they will put together the dream trip of a lifetime–unless of course you’re really, really rich then you can do it every summer and it no longer becomes a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Business Week recently explored the growing niche of high-end tour operators who attend to the demands of those with too much money and not enough planning time.

Blue Parallel, one such outfitter specializing in South America, charges a minimum of $1000 a day to create custom-made vacations. Their mission, according to their webpage, is “to take discerning travelers who are time-constrained to some of the most spectacular natural and cultural wonders on Earth.”

Remote Lands, an outfitter who specializes in Asia, has a similar mission statement: they create “sumptuous travel experiences tailor-made to your highly discriminating tastes, according to your own timeline.”

Wow. I’m assuming two givens here: no request is too large and, if you have to ask, you can’t afford it.