Word for the Travel Wise (12/19/06)

Some of you are probably sitting at home scratching your heads thinking, what ever can you get the nice Gadling lady who often brings you new food for thought? Yes, well with the last Hindi word I sort of hinted at a fine gift idea, but for those who didn’t catch my drift I could certainly use a cookbook. Why, just last week I was thinking how great it would be to make tandoori chicken in the comfort of my own home if only I knew how and had that special oven. (Double-hint.)

Today’s word is a Hindi word from India:

murgee – poultry

There are several awesome resources online to learn Hindi for free and a fee. Wikitravel Phrasebook provides many useful phrases to remember for your journey. Let’s Learn Hindi is a colorful place to pick up the basics and some additional tools. Those interested in reading Sanskrit can click here and Pimsleur has great audio books. To purchase a Lonely Planet phrasebook for the road, click here to head to Amazon.

Past Hindi words: pankhaa, Ravivar, lajawab, paisa, limbu pani, pyaaz