Word for the Travel Wise (12/20/06)

Looks as though this word could come in handy when passing through customs or when filling out paperwork at any important office where saying “huh” or “I don’t understand” might get you a nasty glance. Please people, make some effort to learn a little of the language before taking off.

Today’s word is a Cantonese word used in China:

chìm ji – sign here

Cantonese is mainly spoken in southern Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and by Chinese minorities in Southeast Asia. Check out Wiki for a pretty extensive historical look at the lingo. Cantonese Online – A Tribute is a colorful site packed with info which offers a variety of free resources to learning to this spectacular language. If you’d like to learn some street slang as seen in popular Hong Kong movies there is a book for purchase on this site here. Last but not least scope out or pick up the LP pocket-sized guide to keep you talking on the go!

Past Mandarin / Cantonese words: zhu ni hao yun, guo nian ha, mu di di, hao, xiang zi, zai jian, léui yàu, känt, jeuk