Friday Funny: Fifty Best Cartoons

Sometimes I feel sorry for today’s children. They have a gazillion times more television programming available to them, but so much of it is crap, it’s often impossible to find anything worth watching ,let alone something that might be considered educational or enriching. I’m talking mostly about cartoons, and thinking that, with the exception of the Simpsons, Pixar and a few scattered standouts, most cartoons today pretty much suck.

Hey, I apologize if you’re a big fan of shows like Sponge Bob Square Pants or whatever, but I’ve watched these shows, and as far as I’m concerned they pale in comparison to the old Bugs Bunny cartoons. These lovingly hand-drawn cartoons remain great works of art and the people behind them, like Chuck Jones, are heroes in my book. I doubt anyone will be able to match them for true artistry and creative narrative.

Sure, I might be a bit of a romantic. I’ll accept that to an extent. But for today’s Friday Funny, I offer you a list of the Top 50 Cartoons of All Time, most of which can be viewed online. At the top of the list (no surprise) are several Bugs cartoons…in fact, the list features a bunch of them…and sprinkled throughout are some other wonderful indies like The Big Snit. There’s nary a Sponge Pants to be found. If you’re like me, you’ll spend the next hour or so watching some of these gems, and I can think of no more perfect way to kick off the holiday season than a healthy dose of Bugs.