Tour the Christmas Story House

A Christmas Story is one of the all-time classic Christmas movies. And now, it is a tourist attraction as well.

The Cleveland house which was used in the filming of the movie, and which was home to little Ralphie and his BB gun desires, has been renovated and turned into a museum.

Brian Jones, a fan of the film who lives in San Diego, purchased the house nearly two years ago for $150,000. He has invested an additional $240,000 to renovate the house into a near-perfect replica of how it looked in the film. While this wasn’t too difficult for the outside, the interior scenes were shot on a sound stage. This meant having to add a staircase, fake fireplace, and other items to mirror the film as closely as possible. Jones even tracked down a replica of the infamous leg lamp which now sits in the front window, just as it did in the film.

Admission to the house is $5 for adults and $3 for kids. If you really want to make a theme-trip out of it, die-hard fans can also visit the nearby Chinese restaurant also featured in the film. You probably won’t get the wait staff to sing Christmas carols, however.