Get Lost in Bermuda

When you’re talking the ABC’s of the Caribbean islands the ‘B’ usually stands for Bonaire or some might say Barbados or the Bahamas, but today it stands for Bermuda. Why Bermuda and why today? Well I recently found this story from the Baltimore Sun online on one man’s journey to the island dominated by shades of pink and super nice sandy beaches that seems very much worth your attention whether you are an island lover or not. The author, Robert Cross, warns us almost immediately that he is not fond of beaches with a lot of hype and despite all of what he’d heard he decided to go anyway. Turned out it was his luck and in his story he points other perspective travelers beyond the beach to nice places to eat, sleep and peep the local history scene. I never gave Bermuda a whole lot of thought, but after reading through his tale it is safe to say I wouldn’t mind going maybe. I like beaches with tons of hype or none at all. Isn’t it time you got lost in Bermuda too?