Bloggers Wanted for Australian Road Trip

Want to travel Australia and blog about it?

World Nomads is looking for 16 “Adventure Ambassadors” to travel around the Australian continent and blog about their experience.

At first, I thought this was a free trip in exchange for writing daily posts. It’s not. You have to find your own way to Australia (or be living there already) and are responsible for daily expenses, including gas. The gas is for free use of the Nomads Ambassador Van (above). World Nomads will also provide a “laptop computer, iPod & audio recording gear” to aid in the blogging process. They weren’t too clear on their website, however, whether the participants get to keep these items or not.

The idea behind the journey is that various teams of Ambassadors will drive the van around Australia for up to 6 weeks at a time before handing the keys off to the next group of travelers. Each group can plan their own itinerary and go wherever they want–providing, of course, that they blog about it.

It’s certainly not the “free” trip I imagined it was when I first read the press release, but it will provide a wonderful opportunity for aspiring travel bloggers to ply their craft and receive some great exposure while doing so. And hey, even if you’re paying for most of it, you’ll still be traveling Australia for six weeks in a van–which certainly won’t suck!