Hangover? A How To…sort of

I have to admit I am not much of a New Years Eve partier. In a way, I almost dread the coming of a new year. The new year, while heralding in the opportunity for resolutions (most of which will soon be broken) also means I’ve aged yet another year and suggests that time is moving unstoppably fast. (sigh).

BUT, there are those for whom New Years eve is a time to engage in one last night of hard-core excess. The champagne corks fly and gullets are washed with alcohol. For YOU, dear imbibing readers, I offer you not a hangover cure exactly, but a chance to edify yourself into the causes and history of the hangover.

This site, howstuffworks.com,
is one of my favorites for all sorts of arcane info on the way the things around us function. From radios to computers to, well, hangovers, it makes an excellent read, especially if your head hurts right now and you just want to sit and veg in front of your computer. Which I am doing anyway, though sans headache.