Brower Film

My guess is that recent rains in Colorado and the West might help the water situation out there. But I’m not sure. But I was browsing through old pieces at Outside and came across this article on a film about David Brower of Sierra Club fame. One of Browers’ obsessions was Glen Canyon Dam, which was finished in 1963 and subsequently held up all of Lake Powell. While Powell has become a recreational gem since then, with kick ass water skiing and fishing, many greens rue the building of the dam as an act of man that ruined one of the most beautiful sites in America, Glen Canyon. Well, in something of a allmighty bitch-slap to that act of man, an enduring drought has now dropped the level of the lake almost 200 feet, thus revealing for the first time in decades many of the glowing canyan walls that once turned on guys like Brower. I do wonder if things are as bad out there a they were a few years ago.