Santiago Chile – in the LA Times

The Los Angeles Times runs a piece on one of my favorite cities in the world, Santiago, Chile. I lived in Santiago in the mid-90s and came to really appreciate it’s hidden charms. It’s not the most physically attractive city in the world, and when I was there it has a definite pollution problem when there was a low-pressure system holding in the smog against the Andes, but the lovely parks, the vibrant social scene there, and many other qualities make it an great place to visit in South America.

The LA Times piece here also discusses how much things have changed since I was there. The music scene, led somewhat by the band Los Tres, who were HUGE when I lived there (I still listen to their TV Unplugged album), is taking on a life of its own ad really spreading beyond Chile’s borders. The coffee houses and bars are also becoming increasingly cosmopolitan. The piece makes Santiago sound so appealing, in fact, that I have to say I’ ready to go back for a trip…which I’ve been wanting to do anyway.