Mancations Picking Up

First there was the Girlfriend Getaway fad in which women go on vacation with other women and do, well, womanly things.

Now the men want their getaway time and have come up with the appropriately titled, mancation.

We’ve posted about the mancation before but it now seems to be picking up speed.

A recent article in USA Today explores the phenomenon of male-only trips in which friends from college or high school escape all-things-feminine by leaving their girlfriends or wives behind and venturing out to do manly things such as fishing, hunting, and gambling.

In fact, a number of outfitters have popped up to cater to this growing trend. According to the USA Today article, men longing for womenless adventures can now choose from a variety of package deals. One such example provided in the article is an escape to the Reef Resort on Grand Cayman to box with a local champion, dive, smoke cigars, and sip scotch.

Sure sounds manly to me!