RTW Sailor Rescued

This is intense. Ken Barnes, a sailor from Newport Beach, CA, left California on October 28 to sail around the world. But this was not just any RTW trip. Barnes was seeking to become the first American to circumnavigate the world in a solo, non-stop voyage from the West Coast. He laid excellent plans…and alas how the best plans of mice and men…etc.

Yes, it turns out that Barnes boat got dashed apart by a storm, and he floated at sea or two days before being rescued by a fishing trawler down in Chile. He was off the frigid waters of South America near Punta Arenas (where he was flown yesterday). But, with the exception of a gash in his leg, he seems OK and eve got to telephone the wife and kiddies to tell them he’ll be back…sans record, of course.

More coverage at Ken’s site.