New Blogger Joins Gadling Team

After my inaugural blog post on Monday, I can proclaim that I am the “newbie” of the Gadling team. I guess the “powers that be” decided I was less dangerous as an employee that they could keep their eyes on, than as a travel-obsessed commenter with a high-speed internet connection. I am honored and excited to join the talented group here at Gadling, and I look forward to learning more about you dear reader.

I am a lifelong traveler, having acquired a passport at the age of 5 and heading to Stuttgart, Germany (Army Brat), after eight years overseas, the travel bug had bitten hard and has yet to let go. I’ve gone on to travel to Africa, Alaska, Europe, the Bahamian out Islands, and of course I had to do the requisite post-undergrad, cross-country (US) trip. Some of the highlights of my travel career so far have been: seeing the Berlin Wall before it fell, authentic Oktoberfest, a month-long trip with the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) in Kenya, and a 3 month solo trip through Mexico.

I left my corporate career in February of 2006 to indulge my passion for travel in an Under The Tuscan Sun inspired moment, but have found that my adventures have been less Diane Lane in Palermo, and more Whoopi Goldberg in Oaxaca. My next adventure begins January 29, 2007 when I set sail for 100+ days around the world with Semester at Sea. I hope you’ll join me here at gadling for the ride.