GADLING’S TAKE FIVE: Week of January 7

Mic check 1,2, 3… Gadling readers do you here me? It’s Friday recap time so check it out!

5. New Blogger Joins Gadling Team:
New travel bloggers seem to be popping up every week here on Gadling and we can’t tell you how happy we are to have Dia Draper share her own travel tales and finds. Go on over and see what she has to say about herself, where she’s been and wish her a warm welcome.

4. Thinking Cold Thoughts for 2007:
Ever seen an entire car or tree frozen under a sheet of ice? Even if you probably have I promise you it couldn’t have been worse than this unless you where there in Switzerland when it happened. Have no clue what I’m talking about? Go see for yourself.

3. Postcards from Antigua Part 3: The Jolly Beach Resort:
Isn’t Neil the lucky one? In part 3 of his Antigua travels he reveals what’s going down around the Jolly Beach Resort and provides us with photos from the very sheets in his bedroom to the view of the resort.

2. World’s Most Aggressive “Queue Jumpers”:
Here is a piece Iva found that really moved me personally. The Brits call them “Queue Jumpers” and the rest of us usually refer to them as “line cutters” or those that cut while others patiently wait their turn in line. Find out which airports the world’s most aggressive line cutters are hiding out and prepare for a queue jumping brawl during your travels.

1.Gadling Podcast: Mike Marriner of Roadtrip Nation:
For those that wish there were more Podcasts here on Gadling, let me say I wish there were too. Maybe one a day in the future? For now Erik brings you Mike Marriner of Roadtrip Nation. Listen in now and look out for more.