New Travel Magazine for Women

Are you a woman? Do you like to travel?

I just came across a relativity new magazine called Travel Girl which, according to their website, “is the premier resource for women looking to improve their lives by finding and integrating the “escape factor” into every day journeys as well as exotic vacations.”

So why was Joan Rivers and her daughter Melissa on the front cover?!? I thought this was a travel magazine, not a gossip rag.

A brief look at the headlines on the front cover reveals a bit more about the magazine’s philosophy–it ain’t all travel, girls! The January/February issue on newsstands today touts “Awestruck in Alaska,” “Cruising in Croatia, “The Non-Surgical Facelift,” “Want to Lose Weight? Eat Chocolate!”

As you can see, the magazine tries to balance girly things with travel things; it’s sort of as if Travel and Leisure got together with Cosmopolitan and made a baby.

The writing seems decent, the topics varied, and the photography very nice, but I probably won’t find myself picking up another copy. But then again, I’m not part of their female demographic.

Any female readers out there care to comment?