Silk Sleep Sacks

I’ve stayed in some pretty rank hotels in my life where simply climbing into bed is a nocturnal game of chance; bed bugs, nasty stains, starchy sheets, cigarette burns, and other unpleasant surprises all lurking in wait to destroy my night of sleep, and perhaps even my health.

An easy way to avoid many hotel-bed horrors is a simple sleep sheet. I carried a cheap cotton one with me during my college youth hostel days and I’m sure it saved me from parvo and lice on numerous occasions.

Now that I’ve upscaled my accommodations while traveling, it’s time to upscale my sleep sheet.

Dreamsacks Inc. produces sleep sheets for more discerning travelers. These aren’t made of cotton like my old youth hostel ones, but rather soft, smooth, voluptuous silk.


Next time I travel to Mongolia and stay in a yurt, I can climb into one of these babies and feel like I’m at the Four Seasons instead of on a dirt floor in the Gobi Desert.

Not too bad!