Oregon Truffle Festival

I know almost nothing about Truffles. It’s possible that at some point in the past I’ve eaten one, but I honestly don’t recall whether I have. That said, I’m not averse to trying them. I know the French are crazy about them, although as a selling point, that may be a bit thin. I mean, just smell some of their cheese! They eat the stuff, too.

But I do know that some folks in the Northwest are mad about truffles where they grow in the forest. Certain places in Oregon and Washington State are considered some of the finest truffle producing regions in the world. And so I introduce you to the Second Annual Oregon Truffle Festival which takes place in lovely and crunchy Eugene, OR, frmo January 26-28. The festival celebrates native truffles within the rainy milieu of Northwest cuisine and offers as well the educational opportunity to lean more about these rooty comestibles. A roster of truffle-related culinary events, workshops and shopping opportunities make this a rather interesting event for foodies.