Word for the Travel Wise (01/18/07)

Last Portuguese word I posted I got some good reader feedback on the differences between that from Portugal and that spoken in Brazil. Like the English the language, which differs in many ways from our friends across the pond, the Portuguese language is much the same. The differences are almost so extreme it makes the other wish to have little to no association with the other. However, today’s word is one I think is spelled and pronounced the same on either side of the Atlantic.

Today’s word is a Portuguese word used in Portugal:

obrigado – thank you

Easy Portuguese online offers a small dictionary of useful words, useful phrases, and a couple of short lessons to get you started. Most have audio clips including our word for the day found here. Portuguese Language dot net has excellent historical info on the language and numerous tools to help you get motivated and be successful at learning the 6th most spoken language. For Portuguese heard in Portugal you can download mp3 audio from BBC, which I’m sure there are several similarities between the two countries. Those interested in classroom study abroad can click here for more info at Franco Americano.

Past Portuguese words:
xixi, bronzeador, lanchonete, esquerda, crianças, noite, barco, proteção