Runaway Boy Makes It From Seattle To Texas

File this one under ODD and seemingly impossible in this post-9/11 era. An 80-pound, 4-foot-9 fourth-grader snuck (or sweet-talked) his way onto two separate Southwest Airlines flights on Monday, getting himself from Seattle to Phoenix and then to San Antonio.

Semaj Booker told security he was trying to reach his grandfather in Dallas, and got on these flights. But it gets even weirder. He then — and we’re talking about a 9 year old kid — apparently led police on a high-speed chase in a stolen car on Sunday. The Transportation Safety Administration is stil working out the details with Southwest, but it seems little Semaj (aka “Sneaky Semmy”) was issued a boarding pass at Sea-Tac after giving information matching an existing reservation to boarding staff and then telling them that his mother was already in the boarding area. Then, authorities say, the kid eluded police at speeds of 80-90 mph until he took an exit and the engine blew.

Wha? I can’t wait to see this one on Jon Stewart.