Gadling DIY Project: Build Your Own Brief Safe

Earlier today, Boing Boing posted a link to the “brief safe,” a set of tighty-whities — complete with faux skid marks — used to store extra cash in a hidden compartment. Hmm… a bit disgusting perhaps, but not a bad idea. Assuming you don’t get your entire bag stolen, this product could be a great new way to hide extra cash while on the road. Who’d go digging through soiled underwear anyway, right?

The only downside: these magical briefs cost a whopping $39 per pair, which is just outrageous. Instead, I suggest making your own. It shouldn’t be that hard, right?

NOTE: The guide contains an image which doesn’t contain any nudity, but you might have a hard time explaining to your boss why you’re staring at a man wearing a pair of underwear, so let’s assume it is NSFW. You’ve been warned.


Supplies needed:

  • Pair of white briefs
  • Something, er… um, brown
  • Needle and white thread

The white underwear can be found at any department store for under $10 USD a 3-pack (make one for yourself, give two away as gifts!) in both men’s and women’s.

Now, in order to mark the undies so they appear to be heavily used, you’re going to want to use something permanent and very brown. I’m thinking a marker of some sort MIGHT work, but this won’t look very realistic. You’ll want to avoid using anything that will spoil, such as chocolate pudding or a Tootsie Roll, because these things will eventually smell. Though maybe that’s not such a bad thing…

If anyone has any super ideas on what to use to create the “streak,” please leave a comment below.

The needle and thread will be used to sew the two layers of fabric together, thus creating the safe. This step is noted by the gray dotted line in the illustration above, which I have prepared specifically for this project. The flap on the left will remain un-sewn as to allow a place to insert the money for safe keeping.

All said and done, this project should cost you less than 10 bucks to make 3 pairs. If you want to skip the hassle of making your own, however, feel free to drop $39 on a pre-made pair from this website.