Honeymoon With My Brother

So, let’s say that the love of your life ditched you days before your wedding. The cake, flowers, and champagne are all paid for, the guests are already in transit, what do you do? Well if you are Franz Wisner of Honeymoon with My Brother, you let the show go on. Franz with the backing of his friends and family, opts to throw a huge party in lieu of the wedding that wasn’t, and invites his brother Kurt to join him on the already paid for honeymoon.

Franz and Kurt’s initial two week vacation lead them to the realization that they want more out of life and more out of their relationship as brothers. The two circle the globe in search of adventure, answers, and the salve for a broken heart.

After scrounging amazon.com for travel reads, I got a recommendation from a friend and I ordered Honeymoon just because the title was so interesting. This is literally one of the best books I’ve ever read, and the fact that it also documents Franz (and his brother’s) journey around the world was like finding caramel in the middle of a Godiva chocolate (if you’re like me and you like that sort of thing).

Franz’s writing is very down-to-earth, he’s a man that holds his emotions close, but isn’t afraid to share them, his growing love and respect for his previously distant brother is more evident with every page. You won’t be able to resist cheering for Franz as he falls out of love with the fiance, and in love with the road. The book is rumored to be coming to the big screen and the (very handsome) brothers also maintain a popular blog and are currently circling the globe in preparation for their second book.