Word for the Travel Wise (01/24/07)

Last time it was ‘hello’ and now it’s time for ‘farewell’…

Today’s word is a Magyar (Hungarian) word used in Hungary:

szia – goodbye, see you later

The Hungarian lingo is a Finno-Ugric language, which you can learn more about at Wikipedia, right now let’s stick to the places you can learn it for free. Hungarotips is a completely free site with beginner, intermediate, and advanced lessons. This impulzus web page has everything you’d basically find in a LP guide. There’s no audio, so read a little about the alphabet and then find someone who’s willing to make sure you speak like a local. The verbal exchange will be very rewarding I am sure. As always remember to scope out the BBC for basic lang downloads.

Past Hungarian words: köszönöm, vásárlók könyve, hangverseny, kijárat, segítség, Jó napot