Superbowl Packages

I don’t know about you, but I find it very hard to muster enthusiasm for the Superbowl. Way back when…and I mean, Cowboys vs. Steelers way back when…I thought the Superbowl was amazing, was the sports event of the year. Now, I’m jaded. The Superbowl is like a freak show to me, driven by obscene commercialism for cars and fast food. Does that sound cynical? Sorry. Let me step down for a moment from the lectern and offer you, who may be far more interested in the Superbowl than I, a list of Last Minute Superbowl trips as assembled by the good folks at sister blog Luxist.

Luxist is a luxury blog, so gird your wallets. The packages here aren’t for the feint of heart or the poor. To wit, take The Big Game Room which offers a four-night package at the Delano that includes a ticket to the game, souvenirs, a ticket to the NFL experience and more for $7,999 per person. OR, better yet, the plan called Carefree Lifestyle which has a $75,000 VIP Platinum plan to satisfy your Superbowl dreams. Yikes.

I for one, will sit at home with friends and peak now and again at the score, probably drink some beer, but for the most part will treat the game as a bit of white noise, something there but not really worthy of much effort.