Take a Ride on the World’s Longest Train

Next time you’re in Mauritania, Africa, don’t forget to take a ride on what is probably the world’s longest train, measuring in somewhere around 3km long (1.8 miles), depending on cargo load. The train ride was mentioned on Gadling last summer in a post from Adrienne, but I ran across some more information and even a video (YouTube, what don’t you have?), so I figured an update was due.

For around $5, you can travel from Nouadhibu to Zouerate (about 700km, 434 miles) which takes about 12 hours, according to this site. Apparently they’ve just recently installed passenger cabins on the train, so you don’t have to ride on top anymore. That’s a plus.

If you don’t plan on visiting Mauritania any time soon, but still want to see a world’s longest train, head to Hamburg Germany’s Miniatur Wunderland where the world’s longest model train rests. You should refrain from attempting to ride this one, though.

Check out a video of the Mauritania train passing by (this sucker is LONG!), after the jump: