The 5 Smallest Countries in the World

Traveling through Europe as a teenager, we made a stopover in Liechtenstein, a small, landlocked principality nestled between Switzerland and Austria. Crossing the border, I remember thinking to myself, “wow, this country has a lot of letters in its name. I’m hungry.” And so we found a place to eat, but then I realized that all of Liechtenstein was less than 70 square miles! I couldn’t believe it. I lived in Texas at the time, which was roughly 4,000 times larger, and it was only a state! This was an entire country, and I could probably run from one side to another in a few hours! Insane.

I was sad to find out, then, that Liechtenstein didn’t even make the cut in the “5 Smallest Countries in the World” profile by What a bummer. Here are the countries that did make the list:

  1. Vatican City – 0.17 square miles
  2. Monaco – 0.8 square miles
  3. Nauru – 8 square miles
  4. Tuvalu – 9 square miles
  5. San Marino – 24 square miles

Liechtenstein comes in sixth. Sixth. So close. If I would have visited any of these on that trip, my head probably would have exploded for the shear novelty of being in such a small country. What can I say? I’m easily amused.