Computer Animation of Dubai’s Man-Made Paradise

We’ve posted a few times already about the exciting real estate venture in Dubai which involves the building of dozens of man-made islands directly off the coast of the United Arab Emirates.

The islands, 90% of which have already been “reclaimed” from the sea, will collectively form the shape of our planet’s continents. About half of the islands have already been sold so if you’re looking for a bit of land for yourself, you need to check it out rather quickly.

So what do you get when you buy a man-made island? Anything you want. Since the islands are nothing but flat sand right now, owners can have them designed in any manner they choose; a palm tree here, an oasis there. You get the idea.

Although most of us have seen satellite photos of the islands taking shape, I’ve personally seen almost nothing depicting what they will eventually look like on a human scale. And then I visited the official website. Investors have put together an amazing computer animation simulation of what some of the larger islands are going to look like once completed.


You should really take a moment to check this out. I thought it would be a bit cheesy with palm trees and ostentatious buildings gilded in gold. This is not the case at all (at least for the “resort” islands where more than one person will reside). The final product is far mellower with a bit of simple, Japanese sensibilities thrown in.

I have to admit. I am impressed.