New Caribbean Resorts

Now that the mild winter weather has vanished hanging around the northeastern end of the United States is no longer any fun for a non-skiing, boarding, or snowshoeing individual like me. As I sit here in a semi-decent hotel room in Burlington a.k.a Brrrrlington, Vermont , I’ve made up my mind that I will spend the weekend searching for refuge in warmer climes. To kick things off, I’ve discovered this short and sweet list of new Caribbean resorts from Daily Candy. The islands featured are Turks & Caicos, St. Lucia, Virgin Gorda, and the Bahamas. Of all of them I’m mainly digging the one in St. Lucia, Jade Mountain, which is said to have suites with one wall missing so you can look out at the private infinity pool or beachside mountains. I’ll gladly take the view of the mountains.