Sweden Opens Official Embassy…In Second Life

I still haven’t got into Second Life, the Internet-based virtual world in which players, or “residents,” can socialize, make purchases, and generally inhabit as if it were a real place. But “SL” had 2 million registered users as of December 14, 2006, so I suppose it’s no surprise that the game is about to house its first official foreign embassy: Sweden.

The embassy won’t provide passports or visas, but according to Olle Wästberg, director of the Swedish Institute, “Second Life allows us to inform people about Sweden and broaden the opportunity for contact with Sweden easily and cheaply.”

Though this would be the first officially sanctioned embassy, there have previously been individuals in Second Life who referred to themselves as the “Canadian Ambassador” and “The United States Embassy to Second Life.” Many real-world companies, including car manufactures and clothing makers, have also created 3-D stores within the fantasy world.

This place is sounding more and more like it warrants a little exploration. Are you a Second Life user? What’s your experience been like?

[via Boing Boing]