How Do You Really Feel?: Travel Related T-Shirts

Usually when we talk clothes over here its all about anything that is dri-fit, wicking, wool or waterproof. We take our gear seriously as travelers don’t we? The whole mantra of “take half the clothes and twice the money” has played itself out in my own travel career many times and now I don’t take anything but my absolute favorite items. You know, the costly (but worth it) cargo capris, lightweight materials that I can barely spell, heavy duty rain gear, etc.

However, let’s take it back to basics and give a shout out to that old stand-by: the t-shirt. I don’t think much about clothes these days as I have eschewed the corporate world for the time being. That said, I’m all over a great t-shirt, especially when I find one that mirrors my own life philosophy (which isn’t nearly as deep as that sounds).

I was surfing around in Cafe Press for some reason that I can’t remember, and came across these shirts by TravelTease and had to order this shirt (pictured). They have a couple of pretty funny tees if you’re into that sort of thing (and being a nomad I clearly am). This one pokes fun at the whole “tourists vs. traveler” battle, and this one could be slightly offensive but I still think its funny, though I couldn’t wear it since I’ll be working with 700 undergrads in a study abroad program and they might not take to kindly to the sentiment and toss me overboard. How do you feel about workaholics? The average price is around $20 and the t-shirt I ordered last year from Cafe Press during Erik’s The Global Trip, is as high quality as they come (and will be going RTW with me).