Top 10 Beaches with Wireless Internet Access

I was really apprehensive about posting this article on the top 10 beaches with wireless Internet access because, you know, it’s a beach! Isn’t it supposed to be an escape from the workaday aspects of your office job? If you can’t leave your precious little laptop for 30 freakin’ minutes to relax on the beach then I’m sorry, my friend, but you’ve got problems.

With that said, this is a really helpful list and I can’t wait to print it out and take my laptop to the beach. I mean, what could be better? The sand between your toes, the wind in your hair, and a high-speed Internet connection to feed a raging Internet addiction. Count me in.

To see the list, visit Geek About’s “Top 10 Beaches with Wireless Internet Access,” or click the map on top.