Russia’s Highway of Death

Traveling between Russia’s two largest cities should not be as difficult as it is.

Most people take the overnight train but the train is unfortunately a popular target for criminals. I once heard a story that the train pulled into Moscow one morning and nobody got off – the entire train had been gassed and all passengers robbed.

Another option is taking the highway. As you can see from the above photo, this is not the best of options either–especially in the winter. It is only two lanes wide, full of trucks, and poorly plowed. And apparently trucks like to drive on the wrong side of the road occasionally (yes, the photo above is looking out the front window of a car).

The fine folks over at English Russia have put together a few other scenes of carnage and alarm from this notorious highway for us all to enjoy. Check it out.

Me? I’m going to take my chances with gassed trains next time I make the journey.