Word for the Travel Wise (02/02/07)

If you’re going to head out to Vietnam during monsoon season you’ll need one of these, if not more…

Today’s word is a Vietnamese word used in Vietnam:

cái du – (gai zoo) umbrella

To continue learning Vietnamese online start with phrase list found at the NY Public Library. This Wanna Learn / Geocities page has some free words and phrases listed. It was one of few I could find online for free though you won’t get far. Rosetta Stone offers audio and web courses for a fee and there’s always the opportunity to take a Vietnamese language class in Hanoi, Vietnam with CIEE. For those flying through the country for just a few short days pick up the phrasebook.

Past Vietnamese words: Xe Ðap, xinh xinh, cam hut thuoc, tam biêt, bàn dô, phong giat (fom zuht), hành ly