Head-Butting Chewbacca Arrested in Hollywood

One of the things that tourists love to do while visiting Los Angeles is to stop by Grauman’s Chinese Theater on Hollywood Boulevard, check out the footprints of the stars, and perhaps even pose for a photo with one of the many costumed performers which frequent the place.

Last Friday, this otherwise festive scene turned violent when an enraged Chewbacca head-butted a local tour guide.

The LA Times had a field day with the story. “The Force is all over Chewbacca” claims that the costumed performer yelled, “Nobody tells this wookie what to do!” before delivering the head-but. The recipient was a tour guide who had complained to the hirsute alien about allegedly harassing two Japanese tourists.

Police were called to the scene and arrested the performer, handcuffing the 6’5″ Chewbacca and placing him in the back of a squad car. Witnesses to the assault included Superman, Tickle me Elmo, Capt. Jack Sparrow, and Darth Vader himself. I can’t wait to see that trial on court TV!

Cameras from the Jimmy Kimmel show, filmed just across the street, were on hand to capture the arrest itself. You can check out the video and some eyewitness interviews here (click forward to 3:23).