Super Bowl Commercial for the GPS Nerds

Unless the Chiefs are in the game, I rarely watch football with much enthusiasm — the Super Bowl included. I do, however, check in on the big game, but mostly for the commercials and potential for “accidental” nudity.

I was excited that one of my favorite commercials of the night came from a company I actually know and somewhat care for, Garmin. Did anyone else catch it? A guy stops his car and pulls out a paper map to check directions, but the map gets out of control and transforms into an “evil Mapisaurus” — then the cheesy, 80s-hair-metal music kicks in while another guy jumps out of his car, “grabs his Garmin,” and fights the old map technology with the power of Garmin’s GPS device. It’s great. Have a look:

I can’t speak for the product itself, but the commercial is awesome!