Army of Bjork

Adrienne brought this to our attention a little bit ago, but I figured it was worth another look…

At first I thought maybe this had something to do with new Scandinavian commitment to Iraq…but then I clicked the link and learned differently. It turns out that there are legions…nay an entire army, of people out there for whom, to quote one of the people interviewed in this video, Björk is the “ultimate embodiment of outsiderness” (or UEoO).

The Icelandishstic singer/performer/maker of very odd music videos in fact has her own army, which does occasionally gather in meeting places across the globe…or at least in predictably Björk-friendly neighborhood in Brooklyn.

I am an avid fan of the travel video site Travelistic, and this link came to my attention from one of the producers of this segment, and I pass it on to you, dear gadling reader, to decide for yourself if the Army of Björk is a threat to national security and/or an affront to cultural sensibilities. I argue that it is not, but my guess is that red staters might disagree. Either way, take a moment to enjoy. And please make note of the extra-special effort I put forward in this post to find an actual ö. And don’t ask me to pronounce her last name: Guðmundsdóttir, although my understanding is that it rhymes with Duðmundsdóttir.