NY Cabbie Gets Crappy Tip, Still Does Good Deed

If you believe in karma, then you know Chowdhury Osman just guaranteed himself countless rewards. First, the Bangladeshi-born Queens taxi driver accepted a passenger’s 30¢ tip on an $11 ride. (That alone is worth some karma points, in my book.) Later, when he discovered that she had left a small bag in his back seat, he spent hours hunting for her so he could return it. What was in the bag? 31 diamond rings. His reward for this selfless act? The woman, who claimed she was a jeweler, gave him $100, which he “grudgingly accepted.”

According to Chowdhury, “When I find something left in my cab, and I can return it to the owner, I feel very happy. I feel proud.” I guess they never heard of “finders keepers” in Bangladesh.